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Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen (VHO2)

Animal Hyperbaric Chambers

VHO2 is a Lexington, Kentucky based manufacturer and global distributor of veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chambers for horses and companion animals (including dogs, cats, pigs and birds) and exotics (including turtles, alpacas, etc.). The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an exciting adjunctive therapy has provided veterinarians with another option to significantly improve animal medical care, and has been used in the treatment of multiple conditions in the past decade.

Known and identified by many names including Veterinary HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), Veterinary Hyperbarics or even Animal / Veterinary Oxygen Therapy in some areas, the results of this modality have been nothing short of remarkable.


Miniature foal presented at the University of Tennessee showing classic "dummy" foal behaviour. The patient was unable to walk or nurse on arrival. This video shows the dramatic improvement of the patient after receiving treatment in the VHO hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber.