Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen-VHO2 (formerly Equine Oxygen Therapy and Companion Animal Hyperbarics) is a Lexington, Kentucky based manufacturer and global distributor of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for horses and companion animals. This exciting adjunctive therapy has provided veterinarians with another option to significantly improve animal medical care, and has been used in the treatment of multiple conditions in the past decade.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable.

To achieve these results, VHO has developed the most successful and comprehensive set of treatment protocols in existence. These protocols were developed with experience gained after literally 30,000 PLUS treatments, but we don’t stop there. VHO is an avid supporter of the only veterinary specific; hyperbaric oxygen research projects currently being conducted by universities here in the USA.

We firmly believe we build the safest, most advanced and most reliable chambers in the world. In fact, we can easily say that 100% of all chambers installed are fully functional and will continue to provide years of service. Not every hyperbaric manufacturer can say this.

VHO does not just build and sell chambers; our goal is to provide you with one of the most technologically advanced tools available for your practice. We then become your support partner every step of the way, from engineering, technical and operational training by our experienced staff, to ensuring you receive ongoing veterinary resources.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a revolutionary medical technology, useful for the treatment of acute injuries as well as for the enhancement of healing chronic disorders in both small and large animals. Proven effective in human medicine, HBOT is used as an adjunct therapy to other medications and procedures. Clinical experience has shown that this same technology can be applied successfully to many medical conditions of animals. Both equine and companion animal medical therapy is often a composite of multiple medical treatments that complement each other, or individually contribute to part of the healing process, in order to accomplish the goal of recovery. HBOT gives the veterinary practitioner one more weapon in their arsenal to enhance tissue healing after injury from trauma, inflammation, or hypoxia-ischemia.