Companion Animal Hyperbaric Chamber (HBOT)

A New Technology

About once every two or three decades a new technology comes along that greatly impacts the veterinary profession. Twenty years ago it was ultrasound technology. Now it’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT.


Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a revolutionary medical technology useful for treating acute injuries as well as enhancing the healing of chronic disorders. HBOT is effective as an adjunct therapy to other medications and procedures, and it has a proven track record in human medicine.


Clinical experience has shown that HBOT can be successfully applied to many conditions of companion animals. Small animal medical therapy is often a composite of multiple medical treatments to promote recovery. HBOT now gives the veterinarians one more weapon in their arsenal of treatments.


Companion Animal Hyperbarics offers a clinical chamber that can treat a wide variety of animals, from a large dog to a very small kittens, reptiles, birds and other exotics. Patients can comfortably lie down or sit for their treatment. This chamber is built to fit in any small animal clinic.


The unit is available in a mobile application, inside a temperature controlled trailer which is self-contained with a special ventilation system. This application is the only safe mobile application for small animal hyperbarics.

Chamber Specifications
Length 68.5 in
Overall Height 58 in
Interior Length 58.5 in
Diameter 30 in
Widest Dimension 35.5 in
(To allow clearance through std. 3'-0" ft door)
Gross Weight 1182 lbs
Volume 27.82 c.f.
Nominal Operating
30 psig
Maximum Allowable
33 psig
Fabrication Hydrostatic Pressure Tested 48 psig
(>150% nominal operating pressure)
Included Features
Monitor in Real Time Internal Chamber RH (Relative Humidity)
Monitor in Real Time Internal Chamber Temperature
Monitor in Real Time Internal Chamber Oxygen Concentration
Adjustable Pressurization and Depressurization Rates to Accommodate All Patient Conditions
100% Epoxy Base Power Coating
Estimated Pressurization Time < 10 min
Estimated Depressurization Time < 10 min
Interior Light for Easy Patient Monitoring
Chamber Treatment Operation Requires No External Power Source (Std 120V For Patient Lighting Only)
Chamber Delivered Precalibrated to Prevent Over Pressurization
Automatic Safety Pressure Relief Valve
Door Operation Safety Pressure Check Valve
Optional Extras
Slide Out Patient Loading Tray
Mobile Applicat